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Men Dish on the greatest Oral Sex They’ve Ever Gotten

Men Dish on the greatest Oral Sex They’ve Ever Gotten

It never ever hurts to offer your guy some motivation to go back the favor…

There are several great reasons to have man buddies, but one of the primary people is they are perfect advice givers. Them, they have no problem telling it exactly how it is—and from a dude’s perspective, no less since you’re not dating. We made a decision to make the most of this awesome relationship and ask our man buddies to show the very best dental sex they’ve ever gotten. Our logic? Equipped with this specific information, you can test these techniques out in your guy—and prepare to, um, blow him away.

“i really like it whenever my girlfriend cups my balls as she’s drawing back at my penis. They are held by her in one single hand and periodically provides them with a squeeze. Performing my balls and my penis at the time that is same the complete sensation so much more powerful. I nearly erupt! ” —Ben, 30

“One of my favorite emotions in the whole world occurs when my gf provides me personally a butt therapeutic massage. Then when she’s heading down on me, she’ll sporadically achieve both of her arms under my butt cheeks and commence massaging them as my penis is within her lips or as she’s licking my balls. At these times, personally i think want it may be the day that is best into the world. It couldn’t get much better than that. ” —Mike, 28

“The woman I’m dating loves to tease me personally me oral before she gives. Onetime, she had me lie to my straight straight back, after which she chilled within the room between my knees and simply looked down within my penis. She invested an excellent 30 moments simply searching for another minute or so at it, and then she got down there and started breathing on it and around it, but she didn’t actually touch it. The suspense killed me personally, also it made the brief minute whenever she finally made her move that a great deal more thrilling! ” —Dave, 27

“One regarding the girls we accustomed date ended up being exactly about pressing by herself while she ended up being providing me personally dental.