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Ladies hunting for males. By Vision Reporter

Ladies hunting for males. By Vision Reporter

Added 13th May 2012 01:54 PM

Latifah, 24, located in Kireka, wishes a guy, 35-45, for marriage.

Latifah, 24, residing in Kireka, wishes a person, 35-45, for wedding. Phone 0771483232

Sylivia, 20, is seeking wedding. Phone 0781336694

Solitary woman wants a guy for marriage. Phone 0701676243

LADY, 27, wishes an used, loving guy for wedding. Call 0702144021

Aisha, 27, is seeking A muslim guy, 30-36, for love. Namu. Aisha922@gmail.com

Lady, 35, wishes an adult guy for wedding. Kamutexr@gmail.com

Lady, 32, is trying to find a guy, 32-45. Kibirene@yahoo.com

Lady, 28, Born-again wants a man that is born-again 30-40. Aleantsuzan@yahoo.com

Joy desires a guy for love. Joytombong@yahoo.com

I will be looking for a person for love. Bekundalinda@gmail.com

Woman, 26, is looking for a man that is white wedding. Call+256751155572

Ritah, 28, staying in Europe, desires a guy, 29-38, for marriage. Ritahnaluze@yahoo.com.

Lyna, 27, is looking for a gentleman for love.